• PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a08.pdfDavor Mikulic and Ivan Kovac

    The Role Of International Trade In Convergence Process

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a09.pdfMimo Draškovic and Jelena Stjepcevic

    Institutional Framework Of Corporate Governance With Reference To The Former Yugoslav Transition Economies

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a10.pdfGregory Sandstrom

    Instead Of Capitalism Vs. Socialism: A Proportion-Seeking Review Of Two Contemporary Approaches In China And Russia

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a11.pdfPredrag Bjelic, Ivan Markovic and Ivana Popović Petrović

    Transnational Companies And A Changing Structure Of International Trade

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a12.pdfSreten Cuzovic and Svetlana Sokolov Mladenovic

    Socio-Economic Framework For Trade Internationalization On The Serbian Market

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a13.pdfAleksa Vucetic

    The Main Characteristics Of Travel Agencies In Montenegro

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a14.pdfRasid Zuko, Viktor Hudi and Sabina Smajlovic

    Proposition Of Mathematical Model In The Function Of Optimization Of The Traffic System In Sisak-Moslavina County

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a15.pdfVeselin Draskovic

    Book Review. Serbia'S Transition - Towards A Better Future. Author: Milica Uvalic

  • PDF icon mje_2012_v08-n04-a16.pdfVeselin Draskovic

    Book Review. The Economic Crisis And The Crisis Of Economic Science. Quo Vadis Economics?Author: Dragoljub Stojanov