Editorial objectives and scope

“Montenegrin Journal of Economics” is an international scientific periodical, issued by NGO “Economic Laboratory for Transition Research” (ELIT) Podgorica, Montenegro. It publishes theoretical, empirical and applicative articles from all the areas of Economics. The journal is issued four times a year.

Montenegrin Journal of Economics aspires to educate the widest public on contemporary research and achievements in various areas of economics and to expend the boundaries of economic knowledge.

Montenegrin Journal of Economics aims to publish innovative, straightforward, challenging, analytical and review articles on economic phenomena, events and changes . The journal's content aspires to be actual, relevant and interesting to a wide readership of economic specialties,. This includes publishing the articles of authors from various universities and schools of economics worldwide and their mutual cooperation.

Areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following: Economic Theory, International Economics, and Transition Issues.

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