Author(s) Article Pages
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Danijela Milos Sprcic Corporate Risk Management and Value Creation 17-26
Darko Tipuric, Bozo Skoko and Damir Jugo Crisis Management Dilemmas: Differences in Attitudes Towards Reactive Crisis Communication Strategies Among Future Business Professionals in Croatia 27-38
Veselin Draskovic and Andjelko Lojpur The Importance of the Institutional Framework in Regulating Corporate Social Responsibility 39-46
Igor Todorović Impact of Corporate Governance on Performance of Companies 47-54
Darko Tipuric, Veljko Trivun, Mia Mrgud and Maja Sukleva Protection of Minority Shareholders in B&H, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia 55-70
Dina Tomsic Towards a Relational View of Corporate Governance 71-88
Mia Glamuzina and Marina Lovrincevic Corporate Crisis and Crisis Strategy Implementation 89-100
Rajko Ostojić, Vlatka Bilas and Sanja Franc Governance of Health Care Systems in the Era of Increased International Integration 101-110
Mislav Ante Omazic, Rebeka Danijela Vlahov and Mirjana Matesšic Difference Between Wish and Need – Evidence of Building CSR Index in Croatia 111-120
Danila Djokic Corporate Governance after 20 Years in Slovenia 121-126