Author(s) Article Pages
Yuriy M. Osipov What is the Economy in General and what is it Today? 9-18
Grzegorz Kolodko Transition to a Market. Why Gradualis Works and Radicalism Fails? 19-26
Joze Mencinger The Slovenian Transition Model 27-35
Dmitry Sorokin Russia on the Political Economy Map of the World 37-52
Nedjo Balaban Business Intelligence in Strategic Management 53-58
Zoltán Baracskai, Jolán Velencei and Viktor Dörfler Reductive Reasoning 59-66
Rostislav Kapelyushnikov and Natalia Demina Renewal of the Top Management of Russian Industrial Enterprises: Intensity, Replenishment Channels, Main Determinants 67-79
Alexander G. Khudokormov On the Laws of the History of Economic Thought 81-89
Zivota Ristic Banking in EU i SCG - Congregation and Compatibility 91-107
Irina Osadchaya Is Marx Worth Rereading? 109-117
Andjelko Lojpur Management in the Process of the Corporate Governance 119-126
Veselin Draskovic Paradigmaticity of the "New Economy" 127-137
Radislav Jovovic The Distinct Differences Between Old and Emerging Economy 139-150
Roman Mikhaylovych Kachalov Operational Approach in the Study of Economic Risk 151-157
Andrzej Bolesta Political Economy of International Assistance: Economic, Political and Legal Constraints to Humanitarian Aid in Sudan 159-168
Mimo Draskovic Theory of Games and Research Company’s Nature 169-177