• 07-24-_aivazian_afanasev___kudrov_2017.pdfSergei Aivazian, Mikhail Afanasiev, and Alexander Kudrov

    About One Approach for Comparing Regions of Different Countries According to the Technical Efficiency of Innovation Space

  • 25-70-_yefimov.pdfVladimir Yefimov

    Comparative Historical Institutional Analysis of German, English and American Economics

  • 71-80-_yerznkian.pdfBagrat Yerznkyan, Lily Gassner, and Anna Kara

    Culture, Institutions, and Economic Performance

  • 81-92-vveinhardt_and_gulbovaite.pdfJolita Vveinhardt, and Evelina Gulbovaite

    Congruence of Personal and Organizational Values: Moving Beyond Practice

  • 93-106-.pdfMarija Beg, Martina Basarac Sertic, and Ivo Druzic

    Determinants of Deindustrialisation in Developed European and Post-Communist Countries

  • 107-120-_dudzeviciute_and__simelyte.pdfGitana Dudzevičiūtė, Agnė Šimelytė, and Jūratė Antanavičienė

    Causal Nexus Between Export and Economic Growth in the European Union Countries

  • 121-127__ushakov__bandurina_and__shkodinsky.docUshakov Denis, Natalia Bandurina, and Sergey Shkodinsky

    Country’s Welfare as an Efficiency Factor in Fiscal Policy Promoting Economig Growth

  • 129-140_koisova_et_al.pdfEva Koisova, Jozef Habanik, Zuzana Virglerova, and Zoltan Rozsa

    SMEs Financing as an Important Factor of Business Environment in Slovak Republic Regions

  • 141-150_moroz_et_al.pdfSerhiy Moroz, Khabibullo Pirmatov, Elena Horská, Ľudmila Nagyová, and Zuzana Poláková

    The Effect of Selected Economic Indicators on Export of Goods of Regions of Ukraine

  • 151-161_hudakova_et_al._final.pdfMária Hudáková, Jaroslav Schönfeld, Ján Dvorský, and Mária Lusková

    The Market Risk Analysis and Methodology of its More Effective Management in Smes in the Slovak Republic

  • 163-174_bauk__...pdfSanja Bauk, Nexhat Kapidani, and Anke Schmeink

    On Intelligent Use of ICT in Some Maritime Business Organizations

  • 175-185_akhmetova.pdfMarina Akhmetova

    Socio-Economic Environment as the Basis for Innovation Economy