• PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a08.pdfAnatoliy Kholodenko and Oleksiy Gorb

    Supply Chain Equilibriums Under Non-Linear Cost Functions Of Participants

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a09.pdfVeselin Drašković

    Neoliberal Myths Of Globalisation And Pseudo-Market Transition Economies

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a10.pdfVladimir Chernov, Oleksandr Dorokhov and Ludmila Dorokhova

    Uncertainly As The Factor Of Investment'S Decisions Making Processes And Usage Of Fuzzy Sets Theory For It'S Modelling

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a11.pdfAleksandar Živković

    The Role And Responsibility Of Banks In The Ipo Issue Of Securities

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a12.pdfSlobodan Lakić

    Monetary Management And Control Under Uncertainty And Crisis

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a13.pdfSanja Bauk

    Passenger Ports Benchmarking Due To The E-Services They Offer

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a14.pdfSaša Popović

    Analysis Of The Effects Of Implemetation Of Cash Netting In Securities Settlement System In Montenegro

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a15.pdfRadislav Jovović

    Global Business Models Based On E-Logisticsand Its Financial Measurement

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a16.pdfJelena Đurković and Živka Pržulj

    Determination Of Competitive Advantage From The Perspective Of Intangible Resources Of Companies

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a17.pdfMimo Drašković

    Knowledge As An Infinite Resource And An Object Of Management

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a18.pdfJasmina Ćetković and Gordana Nikčević

    The Montenegrin Labor Market

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a19.pdfNinel Roshchina and Olga Afanasyeva

    Outlook At The Integration Of Ukrainian Seaports To The International Transport-Logistic Market

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a20.pdfDanijela Jaćimović

    The European Council And Lisbon Treaty Changes

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a21.pdfMilovan Grdinić

    Importance Of Insurance Of Shippers' Responsibilities For Successful Business-Doing Of Maritime Companies

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a22.pdfLidia Kocurova, Elena Filimonova, Valery Kopein and Evgeny Kharlampenkov

    The States Of The Planetary World Are Threatened Financial Danger

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a23.pdfZoran Mihailović

    The Role Of The State And Preconditions For The Implementationof The System Of Voluntary Pensions In Montenegro

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a24.pdfJelena Žugić

    Foreign Direct Investment And Montenegrin Economy

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a25.pdfOleksandr Zima, Olga Zima and Irina Andrenko

    Status, Problems And Prospects Of Ukrainian Tourism

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a26.pdfNatasha Kozul

    Value At Risk (Var) As A Market Risk Measure

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a27.pdfStevan Rapaić

    Promotion Of Supply Chain Managementthrough Clusters

  • PDF icon mje_2010_v06-n11-a28.pdfJelena Premović

    Innovative Organizations In The Function Of Creating Competitive Advantages