Author(s) Article Pages
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Evgeny V. Popov and Sergey V. Kulpin Factor Analysis of Information Products Competition 21-32
Veselin Draskovic and Milica Delibasic Neoliberal Rhetoric as a Metaphor for Quasi–Institutional Monism 33-48
Mohanad Ismael Progressive Income Taxes and Macroeconomic Instability 49-62
Viсtor Y. Dementiev The Long Waves in the Post-Industrial Economy 63-70
Iryna Gontareva, Svetlana Krokhmal and Oleksandr Dorokhov Criteria for Managing Material Resources Stock at Industrial Enterprises 71-78
Mirjana Kuljak Phronetic Research - Methodology that Matters to Corporate Governance Research 79-88
Slavomir Vukmirovic, Drago Pupavac and Mimo Draskovic Identification and Analysis of Specific Problems in the Rationalization of Macro-Level Logistics Networks Using Travelling Salesman Problem 89-102
Vesna Karadzic A Regression Model of Inflation In Montenegro 103-110