Author(s) Article Pages
Veselin Draskovic The Real Institutionalization as a Condition of the Efficient Economic Politics and Economic Development 5-20
Miroslav Gregurek, Neven Vidakovic and Josip Grgic Global Banking and the Role of the Lander of Last Resort 21-38
Slobodan Acimovic and Nikola Fabris Reliability and Possibilities of Improving Models Productivity at Different Organizational Levels 39-54
Dusan Zdravkovic, Snezana Radukic and Milica Radovic Modernisation of Competition Policy and EU Governance 55-62
Mijat Jocovic System of Corporate Governance in Montenegro 63-71
Milan Lakicevic and Milos Vulanovic The Role of Warrants in Shelf Offerings 73-78
Boris Volovikov Improvement of Methods of Strategic Planning et the Example of Industrial Enterprises 79-89
Ana Lalevic Filipovic Reliability (Accurately Presentation) of the Quality of Financial Reports with Emphasis on the Capital Market of Montenegro 91-98
Danijela Jacimovic European Parliament – Increase of Jurisdiction and Real Power 99-107
Branislav Brcanski Basic Characteristics and Konsenquences of Money Loundry on a Global Market 109-116
Andrej Veselov Production Program Modelling of the Industrial Company 117-121
Dijana Gupta The Role and Importance of Communication in Management 123-132
Veljko Mijuskovic Alternative Procedures and Important Aspects of Procurement Management 133-142
Djordje Pavlovic and Branko Gledovic Applying Olap Model on Public Finance Management 143-147
Ludmila Dorokhova and Oleksandr Dorokhov Usage of the Elements of Marketing Communications for Promotion of Pharmaceutical Products 149-155