Author(s) Article Pages
Milenko Popovic Market of artistic work: case of creative paintings 9-34
Esad Ahmetagic and Peter Harmath Knowledge Based Incubators in Theory and Practice 35-52
Bagrat Yerznkyan Governance Choice for Knowledge Creation and Sharing 53-60
Radislav Jovovic and Veselin Draskovic Building Succesfful Knowledge Organization Trough Knowledge Aplication at the Individual and Organizacional Levels 61-70
Slobodan Acimovic and Marija Dzopalic Public-Private Partnership (PPP) as a Form of Cooperation 71-80
Anna V. Kuprina and Vladimir S. Szov Leading Branches of the Tyumen Region and the Analysis of their Economic Competitiveness 81-102
Slavica Tomic Bullying and Efficiency 103-108
Jelena Nikcevic Grdinic Risks in Marine Insurance 109-118
Mimo Draskovic Evolution of Systemic Logistics Providers 119-128
Ružica Kovac Znidersic and Drazen Maric Design Process in New Knowledge Economy 129-132